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Free Registration for the first 100 professionals to register | Target Green Reading

Calling all teaching golf professionals.

Would you like to teach the system and join the Target Slope Measuring Team?

The teaching license allows you, the golf instructor to teach the Target Slope Measuring System for one year. This is renewed yearly if both parties are in agreement.

2020 yearly teaching license fee is £40.00

In your first year, there is a one-off registration fee of £100. (Free registration for the first 100 professionals to register*)

You will be expected to complete the TSMS level one online certification which involves face time discussions with the developer of the system and ongoing advice if needed. Within this fee you will be listed on the Target web site as a certified instructor, your contact details, location and bio will be displayed within your listing.

Also, marketing materials will be provided as only authorised sign and scripting is allowed.

Once you have completed the TSMS online level 1 certification, the author has received full payment for your yearly teaching license fee and the one-off registration fee*, the author consent will be issued to allow you to use the book under copyright law as detailed

The suggested lesson length is one hour and it is a requirement that the Target Slope Measuring book is provided to every student. This can be charged to the student on top of your normal lesson fee. The book is readily available through Amazon books at a cost of £10.00

There is no recommended lesson fee and no commission is taken from you, the instructor.

I hope you consider joining the Target Slope Measuring Team, if you need any further advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.


My new guide to better green reading book & ebook | Target Green Reading

I am excited to announce the release of my new guide to better green-reading book & ebook

Within this book, I would like to share some of my green reading theories and introduce you to my newly developed Target slope measuring system (TSMS). You will learn to see and assess the extent of the degree of slope on any given putt, and, with a little practice on your part, you will soon start to improve your green reading skills and hole more putts.

The SMS works around how the slope on the green changes your body position, this then allows gravity and your putter to guide you in your slope assessment.

Buy the Book